3 Reasons Why You should Invest In The Philippines’s Real Estate Market

real estate market

Are you a high-end real estate market developer? Are you interested in high-end returns in a fast-expanding market? Are you wondering where your next property business will be? The Philippine is the money-spinner for your next property.

The Philippines’s real estate market is snowballing leaps and bounds. The sector is budding for property developers who intend to luck out on the prevailing conditions. Shrewd real estate investors are exploiting the opportunity, and you should jump on the wagon and exploit the booming blue-chip property market in the Philippines. The article elucidates 3 factors that make the Philippines’s  real estate market highly lucrative.

Real Estate And The Surge In Offshore Gaming Operations (POGOs)

According to a recently published report by POGOs, the number of online casinos operating in the Philippines, but open to international players, is at 60% as of August 2019. The surge in the licensing of POGOs innate unparalleled demand for offices in major cities such as Manila. POGOs are positively influencing the demand for modern commercial offices due to the low operational costs in the Philippines. the increasing number of POGOs in the country directly attracts real estate investments.

Increase in  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The Philippines is a global hub for outsourcing services due to its low costs of operations. The business process outsourcing (BPO) is indubitably one of the critical sectors in the country. The program offers direct job opportunities to millions of people and billions in annual income. The commonly outsourced services by multinationals include Transcription, Call center, Contact center, Graphics, Web design, and engineering among others. The surge in BOPs in the Philippines drives the demand for commercial offices in the major cities. The high demand attracts real estate investments.

 Reduced cost of funds for Real Estate Market

Recently, there has been ease in Monterey policies whereby the Philippine central bank capped the interest rate. The policy allows investors to jump on the bandwagon and strike while the iron is hot with the low cost of funds from financial institutions. Real estate developers can source funds cheaply from lenders.

Final thoughts

The projected increase in BPO and POGOs makes the Philippines’s market worthwhile for opportunistic investors who cannot wait for a black swan in the market. As an investor, do not procrastinate your plans only to realize the ship has sailed, and you are investing down the rain. Grab the one-time opportunity and invest in the Philippines’s real estate market.

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