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Parochialism View Of Short-Termism And Myopic Behaviour Among Managers In Kenyan Retail Industry

Short-termism can be defined as the practice whereby managers or investors in an economy focus on investing their funds in highly liquid assets within the shortest time possible in expectations …


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Should Affirmative Action Be Implemented In All Workplaces

Since the introduction of affirmative action in the US in 1961, debates about its full adoption in the workplace have continued to be witnessed across the globe with each side …

Credit Management

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credit score

Principles To Improve Your Credit Score In 2019

Your ability credit score is determined by the rate at which the existing loans are serviced. Battling the uncertain future might be quite challenging to many, especially when the pay …

5 Things To Do To Your Loan Debt In 2019

How To Get Rid Of Payday Loan Debt

Banking and Finance

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real estate market

3 Reasons Why You should Invest In The Philippines’s Real Estate Market

Are you a high-end real estate market developer? Are you interested in high-end returns in a fast-expanding market? Are you wondering where your next property business will be? The Philippine …

2 Ways To Generate Extra Income For Homeowners

5 Successful Currency Trading Strategies For 2019